hummingbird 1

hummingbird 2

hummingbird 3

Styling Credits:
Mesh Head: Catwa Lona
Eyes: Schadenfreude Crystal Eyes
Metal Necklace: Bubble Lucky Medals Set (includes hud, here)
Bottle Necklace: Cureless The Perfume Flask ~ Rose
Earrings: Random Matter Zico Earring ~ Rose
Dress: JamBee Lace Up Mini Dress ~ Mermaid
Gloves: Cureless Anatomic Doll Dolly Hands ~ Pink
Ears: Mandala Pierced Elf Ears Ver1
Shoes: Bella Moda Bubble Gum Barbie Tip Toe Sneakers
Headpiece: Cureless Flower Kissers Tiara ~ Lime
Hair: Wasabi Pills Ginny Hair (top pic: windblown version here)

Bella Moda:
Wasabi Pills:

Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my store DooDads & my sister’s store Sparkle Bunny)

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