She smelled of Roses


Styling Credits:
Skin: Essences Emma Peche ~ Brunette
Eyes: Pulcino Eyes Glisseo ~ Purple
Lips: JesyDream Set Paris Lipstick ~ Rose Red (includes 6 colors)
Makeup: Lovely Disarray Devotion Eye Shadows ~ Dark Red (includes 6 colors)
Eyelashes: Mother Goose’s Pointed Lashes 3 (free lucky board prize)
Hair Roses: Lode Head Accessory Mexican Roses ~ Red
Bracelets: Sian Birke Jewelry Sleeping Beauty Bracelet (scripted for color change)
Necklace (roses)Sian Birke Jewelry Sleeping Beauty Necklace (scripted for color change)
Necklace (berries): Yummy Fruit Necklace ~ Cherry
Dress: Sn@tch Mesh Charity Shift Dress ~ Red (includes 8 colors)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Abby Mesh Hair ~ Black Coffee (@uber here, includes hud
for tie color changes)

Jesy Dream:
Lovely Disarray:
Mother Goose’s:
Sian Birke Jewelry:
Wasabi Pills:

Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my jewelry store DooDads on The Marketplace)


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