Carrot Head

piggies 1

piggies 2

Styling Credits:
Skin: Mother Goose’s Amy Skin (free from lucky board)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes ~ Persian Blue (includes 4 white shades & mesh attachments)
Eye Patch: Bubble Eye Patch (includes numerous colors)
Armbands: DooDads Button Armwarmers (includes armwarmers for lower arm)
Bracelet (left hand): Rotten Toe Retro Plastic Watch (single watch version included)
Bracelet (right & left hand): Rotten Toe Urban Bracelets (free group gift)
Ring: Yummy Caprice Set ~ Color (includes long necklace not shown)
Top: Gato Gem Top (includes pink gem necklace)
Skirt: Yomeshoujo Zadd Co 2 Mesh Skirt (free blue flower print skirt available)
Tattoo: MDL Diver Kawaii Tattoo (free gift from past Kawaii Fair)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Sunny Mesh Hair ~ Tangerine (hairbows not included, @fameshed)

Mother Goose’s:
Rotten Toe:
Wasabi Pills (mainstore):
Wasabi Pills (@fameshed):

Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my jewelry store DooDads on The Marketplace)


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