Bowler Hat & Black Diamonds

Styling Credits:
Skin: MiaSnow Skin Starla Pale 2 (includes all shades, w/brows & shape not shown,
free for newbies, lips are from miasnow sweety skin package)

Eyes: MiaSnow Dramatic Eyes Large ~ Coal (includes prims & regular eyes,
16 colors, 3 sizes)

Eyelashes: MiaSnow Fantasy Curls Eyelashes
Pink Makeup: Miss Shippe’s Studio ~ Spring Showers Makeup Series ~ Roses
Black Eyeliner: ni.ju Visual Edge AO1 ~ Full (includes 18 variations)
Piercing: ni.ju Encore Piercing ~ Light
Jewelry: DooDads Bejeweled Collar & Earrings ~ Black Diamonds (only 75L$, brightly colored one available also)
Gloves: LouLou&Co. Lolita Gloves ~ Black
Top & Pants: Alterego Rockshow Outfit (free lucky chair)
Skirt: Sn@tch Truckstop Skirt ~ Black (includes 8 colors)
Boots: Sn@tch Abby Boots ~ Black
Hat & Hair: Dura Hair Group Gift Halloween 2012 ~ Bla (free group gift, includes other colors)

Miss Shippe’s Studio:
Dura Hair:

Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my Etsy)

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