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Great Heroines in Literature ~ Lizbeth Salander

She’s a gifted, and deeply troubled, researcher and computer hacker from Stieg Larsson’s award-winning Millennium Trilogy. Lizbeth Salander is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  • Salander is a world class computer hacker. Under the name “Wasp”, she becomes a prominent figure in the international hacker community, known as the Hacker Republic.
  • She uses her genius computer skills as a means to earn a living, doing investigative work for Milton Security.
  • She has an eidetic memory, and is skillful at concealing her identity, possessing passports in different names and physical disguises that she uses to travel undetected around Sweden and worldwide.
  • Salander is the survivor of a traumatic childhood. She is highly introverted, asocial and has difficulty connecting to people and making friends.
  • She’s has much more of an unconventional appearance then most book heroines. She’s covered in heavy make-up, tattoos, piercings & leather.
  • She is particularly hostile to men who abuse women, and takes special pleasure in exposing and punishing them. This is a major theme of the entire trilogy. She enacts brutal and satisfying revenge on a sadistic rapist.
  • She has a complicated relationship with investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist, which veers back and forth between romance and hostility throughout the trilogy. She also has an on-again off-again romantic relationship with a beautiful lesbian, Miriam “Mimmi” Wu.
  • Other writers have described Lizbeth Salander as a “fiercely unconventional and darkly kooky anti-heroine”, a “superhero”, a “misfit” and “an androgynous asocial”.

These books are complex, high detailed accounts of the investigations of Lizbeth Salander & journalist Mikael Blomkvist. There is plenty of police procedures for readers who enjoy that aspect of mysteries. The most compelling and interesting thing about these books is Lizbeth Salander.

Read for yourself:

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