Countess of Romantica

Styling Credits:
Skin: MiaSnow Sweety Skin ~ Dark with Bra Cleavage (included with dimples,  bra cleavage,  eyebrows,  lips, &  lashes all in 1 pack)
Eyes: MiaSnow Dramatic Eyes Large ~ Mahogany (includes prims & regular eyes,
16 colors, 3 sizes)

Eye Makeup: Bubble Looks like an Egyptian Makeup ~ Gold (includes 10 colors)
Circlet, Bracelets & Rings: Bubble Guinevere Ancient Set
Necklace & Earrings: Donna Flora Emanuela Set
Hair: Wasabi Pills Amandine Mesh Hair ~ Gingerbread
Dress: Gor Gurls Gor Goes Tabbarding ~ Purple (25L$ tuesdays, includes other styles skirts & a long sleeve version)

Donna Flora:
Wasabi Pills:
Gor Gurls:

Posted by Paisley Mizin
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