Peppermint Ice Cream

Styling Credits:
Skin: Rue Skin’d Anima Fricka Bare DBr/NFr/Sm (includes shape, different brow, freckle, breast size & cleavage versions)
Bow: ni.ju Hairbow Purple ~ Lt. Stripes (6 different versions included in each color pack, some are giant)
Eyes: MiaSnow Dramatic Eyes Large ~ Rainbow (includes prims & regular eyes,
16 colors, 3 sizes)

Pink Face Makeup: Miss Shippe’s Studio Spring Showers No Tear ~ Roses (includes version with tears, has gold toof)
Eye Makeup: Bubble Electro Pop Eyeshadows (includes 5 colors)
Hair: Jolie Femme Paris II ~ Rose
Shoulder Pet: Ohmai Emporium Pygmy Puff ~ Mint (gacha)
Bracelet: Sn@tch Out of Water Goldfish Bracelet (free during sale)
Top: Sn@tch Frosted Cake Corsets (sale item, includes 7 colors)
Panties: Sn@tch Still Naive Ruffled Panties ~ Mint (sale item, includes 12 colors)
Fishnets: HolliPocket Fishup Nets ~ Bubblegum (gacha)
Tattoo: Actchio Sci-fi Superhero Tattoo (past hunt gift, store closed but she sells online)
Shoes: Shiny Things Criss-cross Ballet Flats ~ Red (includes 2 different size versions and some flower straps)

Miss Shippe’s Studio:
Jolie Femme:
Ohmai Emporium:
Shiny Things:

Posted by Paisley Mizin
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