Vina of Orion

Styling Credits:
Skin: Rue Skin’d Anima Helena Bare DBr/NFr/Clv (includes shape, different brow, freckle, breast size & cleavage versions)
Bikini: Pig Hortensia Bikini ~ Las Vegas
Eyes: MiaSnow Dramatic Eyes Large ~ DeepSea (includes prims & regular eyes,
16 colors, 3 sizes)

Gold Makeup: Miss Shippe’s Studio Spring Showers No Tear ~ Fiddlehead (includes version with tears, has gold tooth)
Gold Eyelashes: Miss Shippe’s Studio OMS O Rama Gold Feather Upper Lashes Only V2
Lip Piercing: ni.ju Overload Piercing 06 Dark
Lips: Beauty Killer Sticky Kiss Glosses ~ Plum
Hair: SyDS Hair Flora & Fauna (past crazy hair hunt gift)
Skirt: May’s Soul Skirts (I adjusted 2 skirts I got from past mm boards)
Necklace & Earrings: Je suis Leah Necklace & Earrings
Upper Armbands: Sweet Lies (came with another outfit)
Cuff Bracelets: Mashooka Kay Armbands (includes earrings & necklace)
Hand Bracelets: Mashooka Royal Rajput ~ Gold-Ruby Hand Decoration Hathpanj
Boots: Meena Buzkashi Boots ~ Golden Brown
Tattoo: Tramp Stamp Tattoos ~ Pretty (unavailable)

Pig: (in the giant bra)
Miss Shippe’s Studio:
May’s Soul:
Je suis:
Sweet Lies:

Posted by Paisley Mizin
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