Lume Sparkle Goddess

Styling Credits:
Outfit: JASstore Lume Outfit ~ Lavender (comes with top & leggings in beige, lavender & dark grey, 4 different skirts, halo, bracelet & particles. also includes sparkly panel for the front or back, which I’m wearing on my butt)
Skin: Rue Skin’d Anima Aegle Bare LBr/NFr/Clv (includes shape, different brow, freckle, breast size & cleavage versions)
Face Tattoo: Rue Painted Dream Warrior ~ Blush
Hair: Wasabi Pills Anais Mesh Hair ~ Powder
Pink Face Makeup: Croire Sweet Pea Make-up ~ Full Face (past hunt gift)
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes ~ Plum Rose (includes 4 white shades & mesh attachments)
Necklace & Earrings: Donna Flora Laura (includes ring)
Body Tattoo: Dimbula Rose Old Rose Tattoo ~ Dark (includes faded version)
Boots: G Field Mesh Lace-up Boots Gina ~ pink (scripted for trim color change)

Wasabi Pills:
Donna Flora:
Dimbula Rose:
G Field:

Posted by Paisley Mizin
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