She was Kiki-KooKoo.

Styling Credit:
Skin: Rue Skin’d Anima Yemaya Bare DBr/NFr/Clv (includes different brow, freckle, breast size & cleavage versions)
Face Tattoo: Rue Paint’d Moth ~ Vermillion Fresh (includes fresh & faded)
Hand Bracelets: DooDads Exotica Hand Bracelets (only 25L$)
Earrings: Swallowtail Coral Earrings
Eyes: Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes w4 ~ Lapis Blue (includes 4 shades of whites & prim eyes for mixing & matching)
Hair: Dura Hair Boys & Girls 03 ~ Black Unisex Hair
Jacket: The Secret Store Les Bleuets ~ Brick
Top & Skirt: Sn@tch Legendary Tank Tops ~ Black (7 colors included with skirt)
Socks: DooDads Kiki KooKoo Socks ~ Dirty Knees (available in retro-sockganza package ~ 7 socks for only 25L$)
Boots: Curious Kitties Deadly Rose Boots ~ Red

Dura Hair:
The Secret Store:
Curious Kitties:

Posted by Paisley Mizin check out my Etsy I have unusual real life bracelets for sale.

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