The Benefits of Ballet

Not only is it beautiful and good for you, it’s also fun. There are many benefits to dancing Ballet.

  • Channels physical energy constructively.
  • Discipline learned during ballet training can be applied to other areas of life, school, work, and personal relations.
  • Improves posture, coordination, rhythm, and memory.
  • Develops strong and flexible bodies, and a knowledge of the correct way to exercise.
  • Teaches healthy respect for ones body and mind.
  • Develops poise, confidence and the ability to perform easily in front of others.
  • Performing teaches organization and responsibility.
  • Brings out a person’s creative abilities.
  • Encourages an appreciation for classical music.
  • Develops a knowledge and appreciation of the great ballets and famous dancers.
  • Possibility of obtaining a scholarship in dance to a university or becoming a paid professional in one of this nations many professional dance companies.

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Posted by Paisley Mizin

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