Trailer Rentals! … WHUT WHAT!?

EGAds!!  Rental Trailers are available at MiaSnow’s Twomoon Island!
Be a part of the famous alien abduction trailer park. Sell your creations at one of Second Life’s most unique shopping & recreational sims. There’s loads of fun & exciting things to do there. Enjoy shopping at many of the premier stores of Second Life like MiaSnow, LouLou&Co, Bubble, Insanya, Guilded, La Malvada Mujer, ni.ju, JASstore, Memento Mori, A-Bomb Outlet, Blitzed, Rue, Pod People & more!

Convenient teleporters are located around the sim for your easy maneuvering from place to place.

Explore, relax, socialize & have fun! You can fish the 7-Seas in Central Lake. Socialize with friends playing billiards, tic tac toe, & keyboard @ the community pool. Be a daredevil & rez a motorcycle or scooter & ride the hills. Breath fresh air relaxing by the seaside or contemplate the forest.

Take some photos at the many scenic settings. Enjoy the beautiful splendor at Twomoon Island, but one thing to remember … DON’T GET ABDUCTED!!!

Twomoons Island:

MiaSnow’s Flickr: Post your photos!
MiaSnow’s Blog:
Contact MiaSnow for rental information.

Posted by Paisley Mizin check out my Etsy I have unusual real life bracelets for sale.

4 thoughts on “Trailer Rentals! … WHUT WHAT!?

  1. Thanks Paisley! Some of those attractions I actually JUST REMOVED! But that’s just how the island rolls… new attractions coming soon i’m sure 🙂

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