Curious Kitties

Styling Credits:
Skin: Curious Kitties Azil Peach Skin ~ Winter Spirit (free group gift ~ many other skins included @ the Winter Festival)
Hair: Curious Kitties Nyanotech Hair Type B ~ Frasti V3 (free group gift ~ many other hairs included @ the Winter Festival)
Wings: Curious Kitties Festive Sparkle Wings (many group gifts available @ the Winter Festival)
Gloves: Curious Kitties Frost Gloves (group gift @ the Winter Festival)
Eyes: Rotten Toe Glassy Eyes ~ Blue
Necklace: NuDoLu Portrait de Matriochka (past group gift)
Outfit: KatatOnik Strawberry Cream ~ Light Blue
Socks: Poised Starry Night Socks (free includes outfit)
Boots: The Vinyl Cafe Red Winter Boots (group gift ~ I made the trim & buttons white)
House: Zacca Halloween Garden House (halloween gift)

Curious Kitties Winter Festival:
Rotten Toe:
The Vinyl Cafe:

Posted by Paisley Mizin


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