Frankenstein’s Bride

Styling Credits:

Hair: Clawtooth Bride of Frankie ~ Dusty Black (50L friday)
Skin: Rotten Toe Tattooed Halloween Skin ~ No Brows (only 15L$ ~ includes shape & tattoo not shown)
Eyes: Rotten Toe Glassy Eyes ~ Blue (only 5L$)
Eyebrows: Cupcakes Enigma Eyebrows ~ Dark (free)
Earrings: PurpleMoon Lily Set Necklace & Earrings ~ Pink/Green (necklace not shown)
Necklace: Donna Flora Armacord Ruby Necklace (in the new collection area thru door)
Dress: Ruru@Pino Maze White Dress

Rotten Toe:
Purple Moon:
Donna Flora:

Posted by Paisley Mizin

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