Sister’s Misery

Styling Credits:
Dress: Sister’s Misery Dress (includes gloves, Stockings & neck lace)
Hair: Sister’s White Wispy Hair
Flower Hat: Split Pea Nobody broke your heart ~ Marigold Hat (many beautiful flowers to choose from)
Skin: XYR Veronica Doll Skin ~ includes shape, eyes, doll joint & make-up versions (not shown)
Eyes: Rockberry Glamour Eyes ~ Pink
Tattoo: Minajunk Botan Tattoo
Boots: DECO Newsprint Boots (tinted light pink)

Sister’s: (on wall nearby landing point)
Split Pea:
XRY: (currently remodeling)
Rockberry Glamour Eyes:

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Sister’s Burlesque

Styling Credits
Dress: Sister’s Burlesque Orange & Pink Dress (includes garter socks)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Chloe Hair ~ Black Coffee (color change stars)
Skin: Art Body Store Skin Amy ~ Pale 5
Eyes: Rockberry Glamour eyes ~ Purple
Hat: Prettiful Hat Cake ~ Raspberry Chocolate Vanilla
Necklace & Earrings (ice cream): A.M.K.R Ice Cream Necklace & Earrings
Necklace (pink): Violet Voltaire Harajuku Girls Pink Necklace
Gloves/Bracelets: LouLou&Co. Bracelets Nevermore
Boots: Beauty Killer Glamour Boots (includes hud for numerous color changes)
Tattoo: Para Designs Color of Love Tattoo
Poses: Long Awkward Poses

Sister’s: (on wall nearby landing point)
Wasabi Pills @Koreshan:
Wasabi Pills Mainstore:
Art Body Store:
Rockberry Glamour Eyes:
Violet Voltaire Online:
LouLou@Co. Mainstore:
LouLou&Co @Koreshan.:
Beauty Killer:
Para Designs:
Long Awkward Poses:

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Styling Credits:
Dress: Yomeshoujo Bambiy Dress ~ includes headband & mouth leaf (free lucky board)
Rose Headband: DooDads Rosie Headband (necklace, earrings & bracelets also available)
Skin: Curio Moonbeam April ~ Tulip Dark
Hair: Yum Yum Barberyumyum Brown 28
Bag with Dog: MGS Eco Bag with Dog (gacha)
Socks: Pink Ribbon ~ Lace Bobby Socks
Shoes: S@BBiA Knit Pumps ~ Red (free lucky board)
Eyes: Rockberry Glamour Eyes ~ Bright Blue

DooDads @Koreshan:
DooDads Online:
Yum Yum:
Pink Ribbon:
Rockberry Glamour Eyes:

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Listen to Kitty & Trixy!

Just some facts brought to you by Kitty & Trixy. Know your man and know the statistics. Don’t get surprised by AIDS or another STD.

Pro Prostitution ~ Some people believe making prostitution legal would reduce crime, improve public health, increase tax revenue, ease poverty, get prostitutes off the streets, and allow consenting adults to make their own choices. They contend that prostitution is a victimless crime.

Con ProstitutionOthers believe that legalizing prostitution would lead to increases in sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, global human trafficking, and violent crime. They contend that prostitution is inherently immoral, commercially exploitative, empowers the criminal underworld, and promotes the repression of women by men.

What do you think?

This Public Service Announcement was brought to you by the Concerned Bloggers Association. If you would like to become involved, please contact Marleen Vaughan for more information.



Statistics & information from
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Syling Credits:

Skin: Curio Moonbeam April ~ Tulip Dark
Hair: House of Munster Scene Queen Hair ~ Gore + Tips (store closed)
Eyes: Rockberry Glamour Eyes ~ Light Brown
Monster on Head: House of Munster Minion Mangle (store closed)
Vest: Silent Sparrow Sylvan Suit ~ Copper (part of past freebie outfit)
Skirt: Ensoleille Chiffe Skirt with Belts (store closed)
Upper Arm Bands: Sn@tch Dirty Biker Cuffs
Arm Wraps: Sister’s Dastardly Arm Wraps
Bullet Strap: Pepper Bullet Shoulder Strap
Socks: DooDads/SockShop Psycho Socks (will be available online soon)
Boots: Bootgasm Mogul Men’s Biker Boots ~ Brown

Rockberry Glamour Eyes:
Silent Sparrow:
Sn@tch @Koreshan:
Sister’s: (on wall nearby landing point)
DooDads @Koreshan:
DooDads Online:

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Candy Coated.

Styling Credit:
Dress: Bitter Bunny Bubblegum Cupcake Dress (free ilovecupcakes hunt prize includes headband w/cupcake)
Nails: MonS Sugar Cat Nails (free group gift)
Necklace & Earrings: Red Phosphorus Cupcake Jewelry Set (free ilovecupcakes hunt prize)
Skin: Mamboo Chic Millie I’m Toothy (was free but now only 20L$)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Pompom Hair ~ Grass
Eyes: Rockberry Glamour Eyes ~ Teal
Face Tattoo: Para Designs Paisley Face Tattoo (free)
Chest Tattoo: Para Designs Sleeping Ponies (free)
Socks: DooDads/Sock Shop Goofy Frog Socks (i made them, so if you want them, ask me and i’ll give them to you)
Shoes: Sn@tch Spinner High Tops (scripted for numerous texture/color changes)
Facial Piercings: Ellabella Continuity (scripted for numerous texture/color changes)

Bitter Bunny:
Red Phosphorus:
Mamboo Chic:
Wasabi Pills @Koreshan:
Wasabi Pills Mainstore:
Rockberry Glamour Eyes:
Para Designs:
DooDads @Koreshan:
DooDads Online:
Sn@tch @Koreshan:

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Frankenstein’s Bride

Styling Credits:

Hair: Clawtooth Bride of Frankie ~ Dusty Black (50L friday)
Skin: Rotten Toe Tattooed Halloween Skin ~ No Brows (only 15L$ ~ includes shape & tattoo not shown)
Eyes: Rotten Toe Glassy Eyes ~ Blue (only 5L$)
Eyebrows: Cupcakes Enigma Eyebrows ~ Dark (free)
Earrings: PurpleMoon Lily Set Necklace & Earrings ~ Pink/Green (necklace not shown)
Necklace: Donna Flora Armacord Ruby Necklace (in the new collection area thru door)
Dress: Ruru@Pino Maze White Dress

Rotten Toe:
Purple Moon:
Donna Flora:

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Hot Chocolate.

Styling Credit:
Dress: Ducknipple Scoop Violette Dress
Necklace:  Pepper Dia De Los Muertos Necklace (free hunt prize)
Sweater: Sn@tch Church Sweater ~ Peach (includes 7 colors)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire Dia De Los Muertos Earrings (most of Violet’s things are available online)
Hair: Truth Gabriel ~ Treacle (bought @ COLLABOR88)
Skin: Curio Moonbeam Cupid Crave ~ Dark
Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc.Taranis ~ Black
Socks: DooDads Herringbone Socks (available in pack of 7 socks for only 25L$)
Boots: Shiny Things Old Lace-Up Boots ~ Reddish
Headband: Beatnik Headfoulard ~ Sunset (past hunt gift)

Posted by Paisley Mizin * Thanks to Pepper & Sn@tch